1.   Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit. 
     2.   5% seats are reserved for talented SC/ST students of the weaker sections of the society and physically impaired children. 
     3.   Birth certificate and the Transfer certificate obtained from the previous school are essential at the time of admission. 
     4.   Fees have to be deposited within seven days of selection, seat of falling candidate will be alloted to next wait-listed candidate.
Eligibility :- 
            Children seeking admission to Nursery & K.G. should have attained the age of years 3+ years as on 1st April of that year.


 1.     Prospectus and registration forms for admission to the school can be obtained from the school office on cash payment of Rs. 300/- only ( Included Form ) 
    2.      It should be duly filled in and submitted with the requisite documents and certificates as mentioned in the form, by stipulated date. 
    3.     The registered candidates will be called for an admission test/interview.
    4.      Registration charge is not refundable and registration is not guarantee for admission.



    1.     Admission is on the basis of a written test and an interview
     2.     For admission to different classes, tests are conducted in courses of the class passed.
     3.    There is no written test for admission in Pre-primary classes vis a vis Pre-Nurs, Nurs, L.KG,
            U.KG However, the children appear for an interview. It is essential for both the parents to accompany the child.
     4.     Overall growth, observation, self-reliance are the main factors to decide the admission. 
School Timings :- 
                    Summer Timing                6:45 A.M to 12:15 P.M 
                    Winter Timing                  7:45 A.M to 01:15 P.M 
        Nursery & K.G students come to school on Saturday for play way teaching without school bags.

Guidelines For Students

1.     All the students must possess school diary, textbooks, notebooks, stationery etc. They are supposed to bring these things daily to the school, without fail.
    2.     Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any such article. 
    3.     School bus users must strictly observe the rules of the school transport. 
    4.     Application for leave must be submitted a day in advance. It should be countersigned by the parent/guardian.
    5.     All the Students must come to the school in proper school uniform. They must be clean, neat and tidy. 
    6.     Students should obey The House Captains and Prefects on duty.
    7.     Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during working hours unless the parents/guardians make request in writing.
    8.     Students must be punctual in coming to the school, failing which they may be fined heavily.
    9.     Students should be regular in attendance.

Guidelines For Parents

    1.    Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary for homework and the teacher’s remarks, if any, regularly. 
     2.    Sign the test copies /paper as and when sent home. 
     3.    See that your ward has all the textbooks, items of stationery, draft materials etc. right from the beginning till the end of every session. 
     4.    Ensure that all the books and the notebooks are covered with brown paper. 
     5.    Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails. 
     6.    Send the children regularly and punctually to school. No absence will be permitted without leave permission and late comers will not be allowed to sit in the class. 
     7.    It is mandatory for both the parents to attend the Parent-Teacher meetings regularly. 
     8.    Pay the fees as per schedule. 
     9.    Intimate the school in case of change in address or telephone number. 
    10.   Do not sent the child to school in case of an infectious disease, and furnish a medical certificate from the medical authority at the time of re-joining the school after illness. 
    11.   Do not walk into the class-room or meet the teacher in the class-room. Please see the teacher with prior appointment through the Principal. 
    12.   Do not visit the teachers at their residence.