At D.A.V.Nageshwar the emphasis is on qualitative and meaningful education to each child, as we believe that love for education in children should be developed in their initial stages where it is easy to mould the child the way one wants.
     The phobia of heavy bags, examination and homework has been eradicated here. Play-way methods of teaching and Smart Classes have been introduced so that the children learn and grasp easily. 
“Applied Academics” is enforced so that children can use the attained knowledge in their day to day practical life.


D.A.V.Nageshwar is affiliated to the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (C.B.S.E) which is the largest Educational Board of the Country and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Government of N.C.T Delhi, following the N.C.E.R.T curriculum. 



The School has students enrolled from grade Nursery to grade X. In the XI & XII all students prepare for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Also a National Exam.). 
Streams offered :- 
                         1. Science Compulsory( Maths/Biology, Physics,Chemistry,English Core,PHE) 
                             Optional( Computer Sc./Hindi/Economics) 
                        2. Commerce Compulsory(Accountancy,Business Studies,Economics,English Core,PHE)
                             Optional(Computer Sc./Hindi/Maths )
                        3. Arts Compulsory( History,Pol.Sc., Geography,Sociology ) 
                            Optional ( English Elective / Hindi Elective , PHE /Home Science)


School Uniform

The following School Uniform is selected for the students Parents must ensure that this uniform is to be strictly maintained during the school hours. 
For Summer Season :- 
                                        Boys – 

                                     1. Shirt       :  Half-sleeves (Marron Strip with White Background)
                                     2. Half pant : Marron, from class Nursery to Std. III 
                                     3. Full pant : Marron, from Std. IV upwards. 
                                     4. Socks     : Marron with white stripes. 
                                     5. Shoes     : Black (School mate) 
                                     6. Tie         : Marron with white stripes 
                                     7. Belt        : Marron with white stripes 
                                     8. Full, white uniform for P.T. (including socks and shoes). 
                                     9. House dress : for In-House activities. 
                  Note :- Full trousers compulsory from Std. IV onwards. 
                                       Girls – 
                                     1. Shirt       : Marron Strip with White Background 
                                     2. Skirt       : Marron (pleated) 
                                     3. Socks      : Marron with white stripes 
                                     4. Shoes      : Black (school mate) 
                                     5. Tie          : Marron with white stripes. 
                                     6. Belt         : Marron with white Stripes. 
                                     7. Full white uniform for P.T. (including socks & shoes) 
                                     8. House dress : for In-House activities 

 Note :- For girls from Std. VI onwards. 
1. Loose Salwar : Marron 
                                     2. Kurta           : Marron Strip with White Background (V-shaped neck) 
                                     3. Dupatta        : Marron
                                     4. Belt              : Marron with white stripes
For Winter Season :- 
                                         Boys – 

                                    1. Shirt       : Full-sleeves (Marron Strip with White Background) 
                                    2. Half pant : Full-Marron, from class Nursery to Std. III 
                                    3. Sweaters : V-shaped neck (Marron with white stripes and school 
                                    4. Blazers   : Marron with school monogram (from Std. VI onwards) 
                                    5. Cap       : Marron 
                                    6. Muffler   : Marron 
                     Note :- This is in addition to the Summer Uniform. 
                                        Girls –
                                    1. Shirt       : Full sleeves White
                                    2. Slax        : Marron
                                    3. Sweaters : V-shaped neck (marron with white stripes and school 
                                    4. Blazer      : Marron with school monogram (from Std. VI onwards)
                                    5. Cap         : Marron
                                    6. Scarf       : Marron
                    Note :- This is in addition to the Summer Uniform.