About Us

From The Director’s Desk

Education in the present scenerio should be challenging, informative, structural and job-oriented. Our efficient, experienced and talented team of teachers are working day & night to achieve these objectives to meet the demand of the society. 
Our Goal Is :- 
                       i) All round development of the child. 
                       ii) Imbibe and inculcate spiritual and moral values. 
                       iii) Tap the child’s potential to the fullest.
                       iv) Attain academic proficiency.

Director’s Quote :-

“As sunshine is essential for the blossoming of flowers, similarly sunshine of education is equally essential for the blooming of children. We at D.A.V Nageshwer Public  School make every effort to bring out the best in each and every child so that these ‘tiny-tots’ may blossom like radiant flowers and may prove worthy for the society and for the nation as a whole”.                                                                                                                   Shri B. Singh.

From The Principal’s Desk

Education definitely determines the destiny of a nation. Education does not mean bookish knowledge alone or to be ‘well versed’ in academics. To me it means to explore and discover the knowledge within oneself and work on the principle of “one nation one boundary” where the whole human race can live together as one nation in peace and harmony and this civilized society can be achieved only through‘Education’. Very true to our motto “Labour Reaps Rewards” let us all strive hard to educate our students in the right prospective, so as to generate a qualitative and quantative human capital. 

Principal’s Quote :-

 “It is an honour and privilege to be the Principal of D.A.V.N. Ranchi . Very true our motto Labour Reaps Rewards” we are constantly striving hard to reach a new mile stone, each passing year. We are constantly striving for excellence in academics thus sustainably generating productive and Civilized human capital. We are leaving no stone unturned to achieve our aims and objectives in order to give our motherland the good citizens of tomorrow.”